Dahill Corporate Overview




Paull Elliott - Director of Business Solutions

How installing DocuShare for internal use educates and inspires the Dahill Sales team.


"Even if potential customers sleep through the rest of my sales presentation, they're ready to sign up when I tell them how DocuShare sped up our billing process so we now get paid in 30 days instead of 90 days," remarked Paul Elliott.



Shopping for an ECM Solution

Before his company became a Xerox GIS partner, Paul Elliott and his colleagues at Dahill evaluated 30 or more content management solutions and hadn't found any that met their needs either for their own use or as a strategic addition to their product portfolio.  Two criteria influenced their evaluation: the solution had to be comprehensive yet simple to use, and had to have a great customer support system. 

"We needed something that was solid and reliable that could serve businesses with 10 people or thousands of people. When I saw DocuShare, it blew me away!" said Elliott.

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Enthusiastic User Adoption

Dahill replaced its in-house content management system with Xerox DocuShare, and user adoption was instantaneous.  Dahill's department managers were encouraged to use DocuShare to create their own collections (folders) and workflows, and early projects included automating purchasing and accounts receivable and payable processes. 

"Our accounts payable staff grumbled about having to scan documents at first," reported Elliott, "But when they discovered they could find information in seconds, they started scanning their old files into the DocuShare repository even though that wasn't required."


"The time it took from lease signing to getting paid was reduced from 90 days to 30 days, and we hope to trim it down to just 7 days by year-end," said Elliott.  "We used to lose 5 to 7% of our documents and now we're retaining 100%, so there's no risk of losing or misplacing critical information." 


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Confidence Soars from Hands-On Experience

Dahill sales reps use DocuShare to access customer records, marketing collateral, and sales materials securely from anywhere, at any time. When sales reps get a customer signature, they can scan the document into DocuShare to initiate the sales process immediately. 

This first-hand, personal experience using DocuShare to streamline the order process strengthens their product knowledge and gives the sales reps confidence in the solution they're selling. 

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Starting the Sales Conversation at the Top

When presenting a content management solution to any prospect, Elliott always shows the full capabilities of DocuShare CPX so the customer can visualize all of the possibilities, including business process automation through complex workflows.  Then he asks the customers how they see themselves using the system, and then it's just a matter of determining whether DocuShare or CPX is best for each customer.

According to Elliott, "I show them the workflow capabilities whether they want it or not, because some IT departments rethink their 'build-it-yourself' strategy when they see DocuShare's workflow capabilities. And since pricing is based on number of users, they can get what they need without any big up-front investment."

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Perceived as a Total Solution Provider

Having a total solution for customers puts Dahill in a stronger competitive position. "We had one situation where we sold a hardware deal (without DocuShare) because they were impressed with our "total solution" capability.  Even though they didn't want the content management solution now, they wanted to work with a company that understood their requirements and could help them in the future."

Elliott's favorite DocuShare deal was the very first one he sold to an oil & gas firm in Houston. Being an alert sales professional, he noticed that they had an old analog copier along with a portable hard drive. When he asked the customer what he kept on the hard drive, he learned that important company files were kept in hard copy at their HQ in Africa.  Someone had scanned them but the copies were not named properly or indexed in any way and the customer had just spent 3 days until 3:00am searching for one vital document.  

Elliott put together a solution for the customer that allowed them to back-file scan and do all of their day-forward processing using a 7345 MFP, ScanFlowStore and DocuShare.  Now the very happy customer can locate important information in seconds instead of days.  And without the integrated paper to digital solution, that old analog copier might still be there.

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Partnering with Xerox

Dahill has relationships with other suppliers, but Paul Elliott described DocuShare as "Number one among my vendors."  And the overall support from pre-sales to post-sales is "The best I ever worked with. I get fast response and can escalate issues when necessary."

In addition, DocuShare helped Dahill host live customer events to showcase content management to customers and prospects which generated a lot of interest and incremental revenue. "I'd love to do more events," said Elliott.

The partnership between Dahill and Xerox DocuShare delivers profits for both companies, thanks to the cooperation and expertise each contributes.  And the future?  "We're continuing to train our sales reps on how to identify opportunities, and have quite a few deals pending right now," concluded Elliott. 

With the ongoing product development, world-class tech support and sales and marketing support from DocuShare, Dahill's successful trajectory will continue throughout the next decade.


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