Dahill a Xerox Company Accessibility Policy


Dahill is committed and dedicated to supporting all our website visitors and has made every effort to make www.Dahill.com accessible to everyone.


If you are experiencing difficulty in accessing Dahill.com with assistive devices, please contact Dahill Customer Service. Our friendly staff will make every effort to help you get the information you need.

How to access this site with assistive devices

We strive to use best website design practices and our pages are designed in HTML and its variant extensions. In addition the Dahill.com website also includes content in various other formats including but not limited to SWF (FLASH) and PDF formats. Both of these formats are related to the Adobe family of products. If you are having difficulty accessing this content Adobe suggests you upgrade to the latest version of the Adobe® Flash® Player runtime for SWF content and Adobe Reader® software for PDF files. You can access the Adobe site for download instructions here.

For users with mobility impairments, it is important to update your version of Flash Player; early versions prevented users from tabbing between the navigation bar and links elsewhere on the page. You can download the latest version of Flash Player from the Adobe website.

For users who have difficulty accessing PDF files on this site, you can download the latest version of Adobe Reader from the Adobe website which also includes a guide for accessing PDF documents for users of assistive technology.

We are also making use of video on our website in the event that you can not play a video please ensure that you are having the latest browser installed and refer to your browser information for instructions on how and when to do this.

How to get further ACCESSIBILITY assistance

Please contact our Customer Service at 1-800-603-9951 for more help and assistance to access information on the www.Dahill.com website.

Your Feedback is important:

At Dahill we are striving to meet the expectations of our site visitors and including accessibility is important to us. We welcome your suggestions and comments and would like to extend an invitation for you to send it to us



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