SimplifyScan from Sharp offers document management at your finger tips!


SimplifyScan offers you the possibility to easily integrate scanned documents into your business processes. Capture your documents from anywhere and store them directly in the application you use, whether this is a Windows environment or any other CRM, DMS, ERP, legal or financial application. All scanned documents are text searchable and easy to retrieve.


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Benefits of SimplifyScan

Integrate scanned documents into your existing workflow
Clear user interface
Integrates seamlessly with your Sharp MFP
Save time and money
Optimize efficiency
Multiple output formats



Scan to any business application
Scan and store documents directly into your Windows file structure or other business application. Easily integrate scanned documents into your existing workflow to increase productivity and efficiency.

Increase productivity and efficiency.

Integrates easily with your existing workflow.

Scan directly to your Windows file structure, email address, SharePoint or business application


User friendly

The Sharp MFP and interface are examples of user friendly design. SimplifyScan is designed in the same way to make an easy scan experience possible. All SimplifyScan functionalities are made possible by the power of Sharp OSA.

Easy to use with a recognizable design

SimplifyScan BenefitsSharp look and feel


Text searchable PDF & PDF/A files
SimplifyScan can convert captured documents into text searchable PDF & PDF/A files for archiving. Through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) documents are made text searchable and as a result scanned documents can easily be retrieved.

SimplifyScan BenefitsDocuments are easy retrievable

SimplifyScan BenefitsDocuments are text searchable through OCR.

SimplifyScan BenefitsFill PDF properties or Combine old and new PDF files in one document.


Multiple output formats

SimplifyScan can convert scanned documents into different output formats like PDF, JPG, TIFF, Word, Excel or OpenOffice. Word output can be used for documents that need to be edited after scanning and PDF and PDF/A output for archiving.

SimplifyScan BenefitsOutput of editable documents

SimplifyScan BenefitsOutput of documents and images suitable for archiving



SimplifyScan has the ability to read and interpret many different barcode fonts that can be found on documents. As SimplifyScan encounters a barcode it will read the valueand extract the data to be used as metadata. Barcodes can be used for batch scanning and to eliminate data entry at the MFP.

SimplifyScan BenefitsNo more data entry on MFP.

SimplifyScan BenefitsBatch scanning optimize efficiency

SimplifyScan BenefitsScan all industry standard barcode fonts


Bates stamp and audit trail

The bates stamp is used in the legal and business fields to sequentially number or date/time-mark images or documents as they are scanned to guarantee authenticity. Users have the ability to customize the text and/or number that is stamped on the document as well as the position of the stamp.

SimplifyScan BenefitsGuarantee authenticity by sequentially numbering or marking scanned documents

SimplifyScan BenefitsOptionally an audit file is kept by the system.


Personalized templates

Allows for personalized scan menus based on a unique User ID or Name/Password. As a user logs on to the Sharp device, their credentials will be validated and their personalized scan menus will appear. It’s not necessary to enter an email address or define a home directory; all information needed is populated via the authentication process.

SimplifyScan BenefitsPersonalized scan templates

SimplifyScan BenefitsGreater control and efficiency over scan destinations.


No client application
SimplifyScan resides on one centrally located server and is only accessed by the IT administrator. It requires no software to be installed on individual user workstations. This allows for easy installation and eliminates the need for end user training. The user works directly on the MFP with which he is already familiar.

SimplifyScan BenefitsNo product training required

SimplifyScan BenefitsCentral installation, no installation on local workstations


Dedicated Sharp solution
SimplifyScan integrates seamlessly with the Sharp multifunctional, because it's designed dedicated for Sharp multifunctionals.



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